Urmi – All about Menstruation

In Pune around 40% of the population is living in the slum area. While working in other Seva Sahayog projects like Samutkarsha (Education), Kishori Vikas Prakalp (Adolescent Girls) & Women Empowerment Programme (WEP) in Vastis, we realized that there is a lack of awareness about Menstrual Health & Hygiene among the ladies & girls and there is a need to create the same as is also targeted in Sustainable Development Goal # 3 Good Health & Wellbeing for all.

Most adolescent girls are not prepared and aware about menstruation, so they face many difficulties in their day to day lives. Even most of the ladies don’t have the knowledge about what exactly happens during menstruation and how to deal with it.

Urmi Project was started in July 2018 by Seva Sahayog Foundation. Under this project so far we have reached out to 27,900+ girls & women to make them aware about Menstruation & provided Sanitary Napkins – Maitrin Hygiene Kits (Annual requirement of a menstruating person). Since June 2022, Urmi has also started Awareness sessions on Menstruation with School Boys and have been able to reach more than 630 Boys in a short span.


  • To create Awareness about Menstrual Health & Hygiene amongst both males (to some extent) & females (primary focus), and discuss the associated myths
  • Making Sanitary Napkins available at affordable prices (both disposable & reusable) & free distribution (with the help of individual & CSR sponsorships).
  • Awareness about the importance of proper disposal of used napkins and other sanitary waste.

Activities for creating Awareness about Menstruation

  1. Urmi Awareness Session:

    Scientific information on Menstruation in easy to understand language is imparted to the beneficiaries (Women, Adolescent Girls, Adolescent Boys). Information about basics of menstruation like why it happens, changes that occur in the body, personal hygiene to be maintained, diet, available products in the market, etc. is provided during the session.

  2. Interactive Session at workplace:
  3. Reducing the taboo, having open conversation about menstruation and sharing scientific information at the workplace with a group of co-workers (mix gender groups) are some of the objectives of this activity.
    This activity comprises of introductions, information about Urmi, group discussions, a short film or presentation on menstruation and activity feedback.

  4. Train The Trainer:
    Training is provided to the interested volunteers/trainers in multiple sessions, so that they can conduct awareness sessions independently in the future.
  5. Red Dot Bag (Sanitary Waste Disposal Bag) Activity:
    Project Urmi (All about menstruation) works for awareness of menstrual health and hygiene. Through this project we also provide Sanitary Napkins and Red dot Bags to beneficiaries from community areas.
    Red Dot Bag activity tries to spread awareness about proper disposal of used sanitary napkins amongst larger society. This activity enables society to adapt to clean and hygienic disposal of sanitary waste, so that it can be easily segregated by the waste pickers at the source.
    According to a study done by SWaCH, every day it collects 650 tonnes of waste in Pune, of which 3-5 per cent is sanitary waste (diapers and pads). The waste pickers end up segregating 20 tonnes (roughly 20,000 kg) of sanitary waste every day, which becomes a serious occupational hazard.

Volunteer Role

  • Volunteers will learn to make Red Dot Bag with the use of old newspapers for this activity.
  • They can take a target of either 100, 300, or 500+bags and donate them to Project Urmi.
  • Being a changemaker, Volunteers can participate to create awareness in their friends, family about this.

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