Knowledge on Wheels

Most schools in urban areas should ideally have an integrated Science infrastructure but the reality is far from it. Several schools in Mumbai and Pune lack basic science facilities for students. This can adversely affect the understanding of scientific basics in students and disconnect the sense of curiosity in their personalities. Practical knowledge is way more crucial when it comes to scientific experiments and sessions but the lack of exposure prevents the students from reaching their optimal potential.  Many schools get salary grants for teachers’ salaries, but they don’t get grants for other facilities like science laboratories, libraries, computers, E-learning, etc. Similarly, the communities lack exposure to awareness about proper perspective towards development of the community and upcoming generations.

Since 2016-17, the Knowledge on Wheels projects provide access to science education to students who may not have access to science laboratories or equipment. These vans reach remote areas and schools that may not have the resources to set up science laboratories. A vehicle full of science equipment and teachers reach out to underprivileged students in both urban & rural areas. Additionally, 92 mini science centers have been established under this project in various schools.

The 7 Knowledge on Wheels vans (mobile science laboratories) provide quality and experiential education to the socioeconomically weaker strata of society, reaching 5500 school students and 2500 community members.


  • Establishing a fully equipped Knowledge On Wheels (KoW) including a new van carrying hands-on science learning equipments
  • Conducting experiential learning to the students from infrastructurally weak schools
  • Frequency: Twice in each school every year
  • Promoting science through simple teaching-learning kits
  • Promoting student participation in science fairs and competitions
  • Optimizing the impact by outreaching communities for engagement.


In covid-19 pandemic situation, Knowledge on wheels was seen as a savior by many students as it helped them with the concepts of science, better knowledge retention, and better performance in theory as well as practical exams, both in the school and board exams. About 80% of students showed improvement in their knowledge in the pre & post-assessments conducted during the sessions. 

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