Do your bit: Gift a School Kit

Do your bit: Gift a School Kit

We believe that education is the key to a brighter future, and we want to ensure that all children have equal access to education, regardless of their socioeconomic background. To empower every child with education, Seva Sahayog Foundation started School Kit in 2008 to provide educational aid to children from economically weaker sections of society.
A School kit is an assortment of items such as a school bag, notebooks, pencil pouch (including eraser, sharpener, scale, and pencil), drawing book, color crayon, geometry box, and other materials that are necessary for students to succeed in their studies.
Since 2008 School Kits have been distributed to children in unaided schools and educational centers run by NGOs across Maharashtra. Every year, the School Kit drive reaches the remotest pockets of marginalized students in Maharashtra who still struggle to attend their next financial year. In the year of 2022, we distributed 70,392 school kits to students in need across 686 schools in Maharashtra. Recognizing the ever growing need of School Kit; this year, our requirement is 1,03,317 School Kits
We welcome individual and corporate volunteers to join us for School Kit assemblies, and distributions and experience the spirit of this noble intervention firsthand. Together let’s transform their childhood dreams into reality.
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To improve Attendance and Retention by motivating underprivileged children to attend school regularly, thereby reducing the school drop-out rate.
To enhance learning opportunities, improve students’ academic performance and help them reach their full potential.
To provide basic study material at the very beginning of their academic year so that they can excel in their studies for the rest of the year.


A basic school kit is unfortunately a luxury for many underprivileged kids.The school kit project provides each student with an annual supply of study material in a single kit.
This project works as a stepping stone for a long & strong bond between the beneficiary & Seva Sahayog. It builds trust between them, as parents feel grateful and children feel motivated and excited to attend school from the first week.
Every year now, these children wait for their school kits eagerly.
School kit is an activity through which Seva Sahayog reaches out to a huge number of volunteers, donors & beneficiaries across Maharashtra in just a span of a few months and this activity results in smiles on the faces of many underprivileged children with enthusiasm to look forward to their new academic year.

F.A.Q. – Frequently Ask Questions

What is Seva Sahayog?
  1. Seva Sahayog is an NGO that engages socially conscious corporates, groups, and individuals with other grass root level NGOs of matching interest
  2. The NGOs in Seva Sahayog network have demonstrated a sound and robust record in grassroots work, but lack resources such as technology, finance and human resources – to take their work to the next level
  3. Conducts various programs like School kit Drive, Seva Fair, Samutkarsha Project, Yuva for Seva, Tech for Seva, Seva Darshan, Women InSeva, etc
  4. Has been working with multiple corporates for various initiatives like School Kit, libraries, drought relief etc. and also for volunteer engagement for more than 10 years now
  5. Is a “Not-for-Profit” company registered under Section 25 (New Section 8)
  6. Is Running The School Kit Drive Since 2008 Along With Our Company Support
Is this Initiative supported by our company?

Currently, your company may or may not be associated with us. You can reach out to our office connect to check if your organization is associated with us. If not, we can also work with you or your company’s CSR or HR representative to explore various ways of working together.

What are the activities of Seva Sahayog?

Seva Sahayog works in various sectors Viz. Education, Health, Environment, Women Empowerment, Adolescent Girl Development, Smart School, Smart Community, Livelihood.
If you would like to know more about our initiatives, please contact us at……… (We can make available three fold broachers).

How can I make sure that the donation given by me will reach the needy and the right person?
  1. We are connected with various schools where we distribute these kits if you wish you can see the list of schools. Our representatives have also visited a number of schools to get first-hand information.
  2. Seva Darshan is an initiative by Seva Sahayog where you can actually have a glance of our projects and you can also volunteer for the projects.
Can I donate by debit/credit card?

You can, but to maintain uniformity we do not include your in- kind donation with the school kit. We can connect you with few needy NGOs apart from our centers where you can donate the kinds etc.

Can I give donation in kinds?

You can, but to maintain uniformity we do not include your in- kind donation with the school kit. We can connect you with few needy NGOs apart from or centers where you can donate the kinds etc.

My wife is working with a school; will you donate school kits in that school.

Please tell your wife to fill up this format (to be available to persons attending stalls) and hand over the same to the office. You can also send scan copy of the fully filled form to The selection committee will decide the allocation, based on requirements and when the same is registered with us.
Selection of school is done by committee, but you can refer a school it which will be further referred to the selection committee.

When School Kit project starts?

The discussions begin in early October and the program concludes in third week of June.

What will be my role/ responsibility as a volunteer?
  1. School kit drive involves 3 parts – fund raising, assembly of school bags and distribution of school kits
  2. Right Now Our First Target Is Fund Raising Through Donations.
    You Can Get Involved In

    • Helping At Stalls
    • Be A Building Anchor For Collecting Donations
    • Collecting Donations Within Your DU/ PU
    • Spread The Word.
How can we make sure that the bags are reaching people who are actually needy?

Seva Sahayog arranges an initiative named Seva Darshan, through which various education-related NGOs are identified, verified and then their need for bag is collected as requirement gathering. Though the requirement count is always higher than supply, bags will be provided to needier kids based on donation collected and priority list is provided by NGOs.

What is school kit?

School kit consists of 1 bag, notebooks, 1 drawing book and geometry box/ pencil box as per the requirements. We’ve 3 types of classification of bags and number and size (fullscape/ small, 2 liners/ 4 liners etc) of notebooks.

Standard 1st to 4th, 5th to 7th and 8th to 10th

This is good initiative. My kamwali bai has 2 kids. I would like to donate / Can we donate bags to her kids?

Seva Sahayog refrains from donating school kits to individuals. We give it primarily to Schools &NGOs (who have registered their requirement with us) as it will be easier to track authenticity of the NGOs than individual beneficiaries and NGOs take responsibility of prioritizing the needier.
It help us save bandwidth as well. There will be too many pursuing school kit seekers every year. We have limited donations and needier are too many. We try to reach everyone, but it’s extremely difficult. The best option is to register requirement in time.
One more fact we’ve confirmed is municipal schools receive Government grant for school bags and study material. If her child is in municipal school you can suggest her to check with the school, as school should give her bags.

How much money can I donate?

Ideally, Minimum Rs. 600/ – and in multiples of 600/- We’ll accept donation in multiples of 100 beyond Rs. 1000/ – + (this is due to printing cost of receipt books and receipt books also come as donation). However, as a goodwill gesture, you can donate any amount. Every single rupee received is of value to us.

One of my colleagues is saying he can Pay Rs. 100/- Shall I accept?

Yes. We give receipt to all donors.
May be your friend can tie up with 1-2 friends and contribute for one kit. We can give one common receipt for one school kit. But we encourage donation for minimum Rs. 600 as one entire school kit will be supported. And it’s better to share full happiness than part 

Some people are insisting that they don’t want receipts. What to do?

Well, we’ll still write a receipt for audit purposes. If they don’t want to keep it, it is their decision, but we’ll need to keep a copy for audits.

Can I accept cheques? In whose name the cheques should be drawn?

For Cheque payments: they can draw a cheque in the name of “Seva Sahayog Foundation” and hand over to our building anchors.Please ensure to mention your PAN on the reverse side of the cheque.

Do I get tax benefit?

Yes, you’ll get 80G on receipt, which you can use for claiming tax benefit.

Can my friend in UK / US donate for this drive?

Yes, can donate by via cheque(?)/ online. – Can foreign donors by cheque? If not, take it off.

Schedule for School Kit assembly

Will be published soon

Till when we can donate?

Each year we receive the demand for more than a lac school kits. Seva Sahayog gives pre-orders for all the materials, So, we accept the donations throughout the year to fulfill the Actual Payment vs donation collection gap. April to August is the peak period of the year when we run assemblies across all communities.

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