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Gram Vikas- Brahmanshevge village has undergone a remarkable transformation

April 13, 2023

Brahmanshevge village has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, thanks to the efforts of various organizations and the villagers themselves. The Seva Sahayog Foundation, along with the Gramoday Project, Manavya organization, Rotary Club, and CSR companies, provided financial support to the project, while Gunvat Sonavane and the Jalamitra Pariwar provided their valuable contributions. The concept of Somnath Mali, under the guidance of Bhujal Abhiyaan, has been working continuously to promote water conservation and environmental protection through people’s participation.

To achieve this goal of water conservation and environmental protection, several initiatives have been taken. The village’s drainage system has been deepened, widened, and silt removed, while a lake has been constructed under the village. Thousands of cubic meters of work have been done, creating billions of liters of water reservoirs. Environmental protection work is ongoing, with the Nisarga Tekdi project aiming to implement environmental and water conservation measures. Additionally, tree conservation and environmental protection have been done in the barren, Murmad hill area. The Social Forestry Department, planning CCT, and public participation have helped plant 25,000 trees in the first year, improving the underground water level of the area.

The project has had a significant positive impact on the village’s development. Due to abundant water storage, the migration rate has reduced as employment opportunities have increased. The village is moving towards development and is emerging as an ideal village. Economic prosperity has led to the construction of many mud houses, and dairy farming is increasing as fodder crops are grown. Efforts are being made to treat ten to twelve hills in the upper part of the village and break them up. Farmers have started taking summer crops as the water level in the village has increased to a great extent. The credit for this remarkable transformation goes to social organizations and farmers’ valuable contributions.

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