Seva Fair

Seva Fair, is an exhibition of work done by Voluntary Organizations, specifically women in Self Help Groups, supported by Seva Sahayog. There are many people in developed India who wish to do their part to help the community. This exhibition brings Voluntary Organizations (NGOs) at your doorstep. It not only showcases the products made by various Self Help Groups and Voluntary organizations across India, it also allows you to register yourself for ‘bite size’ volunteering opportunities or donate money to a certain area of community development.

One of the goals of “Seva Fair” activity of Seva Sahayog is to help women in SHGs make quality products (handicrafts and other environment friendly items) and keep enhancing their skill sets in this area. Thereby they can increase their earning potential, become independent individuals and get a place of respect in their families and the society. They may then contribute to their family income, this makes a positive difference in their lives and that of their children and other family members in many ways. “Seva Fair “activity deals with marketing goods made by SHGs and creating awareness about such groups in corporate houses and the society at large.

At “Seva Fair” you will get a golden opportunity to help in exhibiting and selling items made by several womens self help groups in various IT companies near Pune. A great way to connect SHGs with the Corporate Houses and their CSR activity.