Seva Sahayog

Seva Sahayog Foundation aims at engaging socially conscious corporate, groups and individuals, with NGOs of matching interests.

The NGOs in Seva Sahayog network are those, who have demonstrated a sound and robust record in grassroots work, but lack resources such as technology, finance and human resources - to take their work to the next level. The SS network aims at effectively channelizing these resources to the NGOs.

The core team of SS is composed of volunteers highly placed in IT and other corporate entities. Members of the core team have grass roots exposure with various NGOs in various sectors and have worked dedicatedly for development initiatives. Seva Sahayog is thus powered with a unique skill set of deep understanding of grass roots realities and a clear vision of the role corporate India can play to support community initiatives.

SS is largely a volunteer-run organization with adequate professional staff backup and well-equipped office set up centrally located in Pune city. SS has over 400 registered volunteers.

Services provided by Seva Sahayog


for CSR units of companies

for Non-profit Organizations (NGOs)

for volunteers

CSR policy development

Providing funds and other resources through linking with CSR

Pre-set volunteering opportunities for International and domestic volunteers

CSR initiatives planning and implementation

Capacity building in documentation and IT fields, project planning, and proposal drafting

Orientation and training on development issues

Accreditation of NGOs, identification of right NGO partners matching the CSR goals

Providing volunteers for pre-defined assignments and tasks

Exposure visits to various NGO projects and interactions with visionaries

Monitoring and evaluation of CSR funding

Linking with Corporate and Government funding

Group-building and planning support for group initiatives

Associate Companies:

Sutra, Iota, Times of India

Partner NGOs:

35 NGOs from all over Maharashtra

Seva Sahayogis:

500 volunteers